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Job Stress and Satisfaction in USA | How to cope

Introduction Job stress is a crucial obstacle for employee. It may hamper one’s satisfaction of life. Work-related stress is a pattern of reactions that occurs when service holders are presented with work demands that are not matched to their knowledge, skills or abilities and which may challenge their coping ability. These types of demand may be correlated to time pressure or the quantity of work (quantitative demands) or may refer to the complexity of the work (cognitive demands) or the essential empathy (emotional demands) or even to the lack of ability to show one’s emotions at work. Demands may also be physical such as elevated load in the area of dynamic and static loads.
Job Stress The term ‘Stress’ was came from Latin word ‘Stringere’ which is to draw tight. Stress is a lively condition in which an individual is confronted with a chance, demand or resource related to what the individual desires and for which the result is perceived.
Stress in the job place is not a new incident, b…